Ian Tomlinson

Posted: November 7, 2011 by pha2tie in Ian Tomlinson

Ian Tomlinson was a newspaper vendor who died at age 47during the 2009G20 protests in London, England. Ian Tomlinson’ s death became a controversy because it was believed that the family was misled about his death by the police. There were discrepancies in post mortem reports and multiple autopsies needed to be conducted. According to the first investigation report of Tomlinson’s death -which was released by the police – Mr. Tomlinson died of a sudden heart attack.  The findings of a different pathologist for the second post-mortem stated that Tomlinson died as a result of bleeding caused by a blunt force trauma in the abdomen.

 On April 1,2009, Ian Tomlinson was walking to go home when he collapsed and died on a London street, at the periphery of a G20 protest. Moments earlier he had been struck from behind by a police officer’s baton on a leg and pushed down on the ground. The death of Ian Tomlinson was very controversial because many facts were not released to the public or to Mr. Tomlinson’s family in a timely fashion. In 2010, no charges were laid because of the

discrepancies between the reports of the two pathologists. In May 2011, the decision was reviewed again and an officer was charged with the unlawful killing of Mr. Tomlinson. The Guardian posted the video captured by an American business man  named Christopher La Jaunie. Only after the video was published that Tomlinson’s death was investigated as a criminal inquiry. 

Here is the video showing the whole incident of shoving and hitting of Ian Tomlinson by Officer Simon Harwood that might have caused his death.

 As stated in Guardian newspaper published on April 18, 2011, “The New York fund manager who handed the Guardian the video evidence said last night that he felt vindicated by the findings.”Now I’m glad I came forward. It’s possible Mr. Tomlinson’s death would have been swept under the rug otherwise.

 The other facts that supported the idea of the police misleading the public and the family of the victim were (1) The family was not told that they had a legal right to attend the autopsy, and (2) The first pathologist who examined Tomlinson, Freddy Patel, also conducted the autopsies for the Home Office and the police. Patel found that he had died of coronary artery disease. The second post-mortem was ordered by the family’s legal team and the IPCC after the footage was broadcast. (3) The second post-mortem was conducted by Dr.Nat

Cary, who stated that Tomlinson died of internal bleeding. (4) The first pathologist did not mention if there were additional injuries and also omitted to mention blood volume found in the abdomen.(5) Before the officer was identified (Simon Harwood), an image was published showing his ID badge number was missing on his shoulder and his face covered with a balaclava.

 In my opinion, the decision not to charge Simon Harwood for the death of Ian Tomlinson was overturned primarily because it turned into a scandal when a video footage was released. Who looks after the citizens when the police fail to their job?

 Here is an additional footage that shows the incident in different angles and aftermath of the hitting and shoving of Ian Tomlinson. The Evening Standard released information in accordance to police briefings that was later proven incorrect.

 I used google search engine and typed Ian Tomlinson and G20. It showed 597,000 results in .30 seconds. Wikipedia provided detailed information and the times of the incident were stated in accordance to video footages surrendered and witnesses that came forward. It also showed various newspaper articles mostly by newspaper agencies from the UK including: The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and many more.

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