Police accuses Fastfood Worker of Theft.

Posted: November 17, 2011 by cassy99 in Policing's New Visibility

This surveillance camera footage from a Wendy’s restaurant shows a police officer attacking a seventeen year old drive-thru worker with pepper spray. Before the attack the police officer accuses Brandy Martin (the Wendy’s worker) of not giving him the right amount of change. The officer gave a ten dollar bill to Miss Martin, but says that he gave her a twenty.

This accusation is a common practice for people to scam fast food restaurant workers, but you do not expect a police officer to accuse someone of stealing from them and not acting reasonable. Her manager checks the till of Brandy Martin and explains to the officer that there are no twenties in the till. That is when the officer enters the restaurant he argues with Miss Martin. The officer then tells her that she is under arrest without saying what her charge was, then proceeds to pepper spray Brandy Martin in the face.

She became ill from the spray and is rushed to the hospital; later Brandy Martin sued the police and was awarded 60 thousand dollars. The officer was fired from the police force, but was not charged with any wrongdoing.


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