Food for Thought: Typologies of Corruption

Posted: January 17, 2013 by Mike Larsen in Food for Thought

In Chapter 2 of his text Police Corruption (2009: pp. 20-30), Maurice Punch outlines three typologies of police corruption.

  • A typology of officers (Based on Knapp Commission testimony and other efforts to identify distinct officer types)
  • A typology of practices, based on the work of Barker and Roebuck (1973)
  • A typology based on levels of police deviance

For this unit’s ‘food for thought’ question:

  1. Identify a contemporary example of police deviance. Your post should provide a short overview of the case and links to further reading on the topic (ex. media articles, websites, reports). Your example should be recent. It does not have to be Canadian. 
  2. Locate your chosen example in relation to the three typologies outlined by Punch. How can we use these typologies to make sense of the case?

Note that you will need to do some research to respond to this ‘food for thought’ question. You will need to locate sources of sufficient depth to allow you to apply the typologies.

Remember, Policedeviance is a public-facing blog, so it is important to ‘unpack’ specialized or technical concepts and write with a diverse audience in mind.

Finally, you can add tags / categories to help bring your post to the attention of interested readers.

Looking forward to reading your posts!


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