Food For Thought: Why Study Police Deviance and Accountability?

Posted: January 19, 2013 by akooner26 in Uncategorized

I am interested in learning about police deviance and accountability because I feel this topic is very important for me since I want to pursue a career in policing. I believe that the public does not really know what really is happening in the police world and should be educated on all the misconceptions there are about policing. Before walking into this class I knew very little about how the police interact with the justice system and how citizens play a role in police deviance. In my mind the Justice system is a very sturdy establishment with some minor issues. I never thought of those issues as anything serious such as police treating others differently or even looking the other way for certain crimes. Although after learning about the types of deviance that occurs I believe learning about police deviance is very important for me so I can educated myself about what policing really is and tell others around me of what really happens when one is recruited in the police force.

In today’s society with all the technology such as camera phones it is really easy to catch police deviance. The major problem is that many individuals do not know their right and do not know whether a police officer is doing his job or is misusing his authority. According to 5 former drug squad officers are accused of beating and robbing suspects of drugs and large sums of money. This is a great example of police deviance because it is the police taking action into their own hands. They are using unnecessary actions when a proper tactic can be used to resolve this situation. This offence took place in the 1990s and all 5 officers have pleaded not-guilty. Cases going back to this date prove that police deviance has been going on as long as there have been police officers and other officials willing to look away for profit.

With the police to presume they have power over the rest of society it is not unlikely that many will abuse their powers. However if we are able to better educate ourselves and learn about police deviance and who should be held accountable we can take action against officers who mistreat and misuse their authority. I believe by studying police deviance and accountability we can reduce the amount of police officers who commit crimes against society


  1. Mike Larsen says:

    Good first post.

    You note that “In my mind the Justice system is a very sturdy establishment with some minor issues.”

    How did you arrive at this impression? Where do we, as a society, get our knowledge and impressions of institutions of criminal justice?

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