Food for Thought: Accountability for a Greater Vancouver Regional Police Service

Posted: January 29, 2013 by Mike Larsen in Food for Thought

If you have been following the Policedeviance Twitter feed (or provincial news outlets) over the past week, you will know that the proposal to create a regional police service for Greater Vancouver has gained some momentum. The idea to unite the currently-disparate arrangements for policing the municipalities of the Metro Vancouver by creating a single regional police force became a topic of conversation (again) in the wake of the Vancouver Police Department’s endorsement of the recommendations of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry. The Commission prepared a report entitled Revisiting the Regionalization Debate: A Dialogue on the Structure and Organization of Policing in British Columbia.

Commissioner Oppal’s list of final recommendations includes the following:

Regional Police Force

I make the following recommendations respecting a regional police force:

9.1 That Provincial Government commit to establishing a Greater Vancouver police force through a consultative process with all stakeholders.

9.2 That Provincial Government establish an independent expert committee to develop a proposed model and implementation plan for a Greater Vancouver police force.

 For this unit’s food for thought question:

  •  Assume that the various stakeholders come to an agreement and decide to adopt the recommendation to create a Greater Vancouver Regional Police Service. The existing policing forces for Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley,  New Westminster and Coquitlam would be amalgamated, becoming a single regional police organization.
  •  As part of the amalgamation process, the provincial and municipal governments would have to decide on the accountability structure for this new regional police force.
  •  Drawing on the resources for Unit 3, write a post that describes the features of an ideal accountability framework for the Greater Vancouver Regional Police Service. Explain your position.

This post is due on February 7.

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