The Uniformed Criminals Of Egypt

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The Uniformed Criminals Of Egypt.


Stirring overview of what is still occurring in Egypt by an organization known as Anonymous:

The world is watching. The people of Egypt want answers. Yet their government officials choose to ignore the ordeal and carry on with their reckless behavior.

The police are using the same repressive methods that were used prior to the 2011 revolution. Attacking the very people that they’re supposed to protect. Enacting what Barker and Roebuck would classify as ‘direct criminal activities’. Using unnecessary violence to impose control.

Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights documented 16 cases of police violence where 11 people were killed and 10 tortured inside the police stations. If there was anything right with Egypt’s institution you would think someone would be held accountable for these horrendous acts. One member of the Ministry informs the press that these numerous accounts of violent behavior are “untrue” and “full of exaggerations“. Another told media that the men held captive died due to drop in blood pressure and suicide. These unethical statements reveal that the police are not entirely the direct instigators. These matters bring light to the fact that the police are externally driven, captured by deviant elite. In other words, there are criminals of higher jurisdiction that have “captured” the police agency. Such as politicians. The outcome has lead to institutional failure. This deviance is seen as symptomatic of an institutional failure but largely confined within the police system.

In one report the police ambushed a village in Cairo, assaulted pedestrians, and destroyed the shops. In result the residents were angry and protested. In spite of the protest the police returned the next day, firing tear gas and live ammunition which left many wounded or dead. Based on the Knapp Commission testimony this aggressive premeditated corrupt behavior categorizes the police as “meat-eaters”. The meat-eaters are well aware of their actions and know what their doing is wrong but continue in doing so for personal gain. In this case it is power and control over the people as well as the fact that they’re not being held accountable for their actions. This misconduct carried out by the police solidifies the fact that corruption and deviance is evidently condemned in their system.

Residents taking justice into their own hands and fighting back:


Punch, M. (2009). Police corruption: Deviance, accountability and reform in policing. Cullompton, Devon: Willan Publishing.

  1. Mike Larsen says:

    An interesting and important case study.

    I agree with your assessment that these events reflect a form of systemic or institutional failure. The actions of the police have given rise to serious questions about the role and function of the public police in Egyptian society.

    The typology offered by the Knapp Commission is limited in scope, and I do not see this as an appropriate case to apply it. It would be more fruitful to explore alternative typologies – in this case, ideological combantants (Punch 2009: 25), for example.

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