Policing’s New Visibility

Posted: February 5, 2013 by Mike Larsen in Policing's New Visibility

Andrew Goldsmith’s 2010 article “Policing’s New Visibility”, in the British Journal of Criminology, offers an important description and analysis of the evolving nature of police accountability in a time of multilateral visibility. In a nutshell, the traditional practices and politics governing the public consumption of images of policing have been displaced by ubiquitous camera phones and decentralized social media.

Goldsmith describes this transformation, offers some illustrative case studies, and situates policing’s new visibility in relation to theories of impression management and accountability. He closes with a discussion of implications. This is a thought-provoking article, and one of my favourite recent works to teach.

This one-page PDF poster offers an overview of some of the key ideas in Goldsmith’s article.

CRIM 2355 2211_Policing’s New Visibility

You can also view it as a JPEG below:

CRIM 2355 2211_Policing's New Visibility


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