G20 Police Brutality

Posted: April 1, 2013 by qdinero in Cases - Public Order, Toronto G20 2010
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The G-20 summit meetings took place on June 26-27 2010, in Toronto, Canada. The summit had powerful leaders discussing Global Bank Taxes and  promoting Open Markets. This event made history, tainting the reputation of the Toronto Police. CBC’s Fifth Estate produced a documentary entitled “You Should Have Stayed Home” and it reveals how the people were treated by police that weekend and share their stories with CBC. After watching this documentary I was utterly appalled. I had to take breaks because it made my blood boil due to the fact that it is so infuriating, especially when I found out that; out of all those pigs that policed the G20, only a few of them got charged.

The footage showed ordinary citizens on the streets at the Toronto G20 Summit marching peacefully until the police closed in and shut them down. Many of these citizens went downtown just to see what was going on out of mere curiosity. Only to find themselves forcibly dragged away by police and locked up for hours without timely access to lawyers or medical treatment. This kind of behaviour going on in a third world country with a corrupt government makes sense, but here in Canada? It’s just shocking! There was police brutality; where the police used an excessive amount of force, they illegally arrested peaceful protesters. There was also a lack of accountability since a lot of these officers took their badges off . For what reason? Only to get away with their criminal behaviour. Furthermore, These officers violated Section 8 (unreasonable search and seizure), Section 9 (Arbitrary Detention or Imprisonment), and Section 10 (unlawful imprisonment) of the Canadian Charter of Rights.


Thankfully people at the event  recorded  videos  and  took pictures on their cell phones and minicams. If  not for technology that enables every day citizen to capture videos and images, the pigs would have gotten away with their criminal behaviour. If you watch the video and search this event up on Youtube you would notice that the police only really arrested and harassed the girls and small light guys (who were not committing any crimes). The goal of these protests is to show these world leaders that we are watching and we do care. If the police detained and arrested people who were harming others or vandalizing,  I believe it would have been justifiable but that wasn’t the case. In my opinion CBC called their documentary ‘You Should Have Stayed Home’, to make the people think, make them think about their democratic rights, their powers. The fact that they did not stay home; exposed how corrupt police can be and this incident really opened eyes. Ultimately at the end it makes one decide, will I stay at home and let this unacceptable behaviour continue or go out there and take proactive measures.











  1. Mike Larsen says:

    Interesting post! Effective incorporation of sources, and a solid commentary on the issues. Good work.

    You note that ” I had to take breaks because it made my blood boil due to the fact that it is so infuriating, especially when I found out that; out of all those pigs that policed the G20, only a few of them got charged.”

    I understand your sentiment. What is the message that you are expressing when you refer to police as ‘pigs’? I am in no way condemning you for your word choice – I would just like to encourage you to unpack the term.

  2. qdinero says:

    “A filthy police officer, who thinks they are above the law and whatever they say goes.” Urban Dictionary.

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