Police Scandal?

Posted: April 5, 2013 by kiratmatharu92 in Uncategorized

         As I was researching online to find recent examples of police corruption , I cam across an article entitled ‘’Baltimore police scandal spotlights leaders to fight to root out corruption’’. The article discusses a scandal that was revealed after a two year investigation when a “bribery racket suspected to involve kickbacks to dozens of Baltimore police officers.  A number of officers pleaded guilty to federal extortion charges and 17 officers were suspended pending department discipline and possible state charges. Also, within this case the fix scheme was to divert cars that were damaged in traffic accidents to the majestic body shop. One of the officersinvolved named a certain officer and the body shop owners that were involved they planned the scheme took damaged vehicles in traffic accidents to the body shop and so that the officers would make profit out of it.

Police Corruption can be described as abusing a authority or misusing powers generally, therefore this shows that these particular officers have fallen into this categories “corruption of authority” and “internal pay offs “ these two manipulate the fact that police corruption leads to profit gaining that is beneficial to them. In the case it shows that one of the particular officers gained plenty of profit out of his scheme with several other officers that were involved. A scandal that has only profit gaining from damaged cars is quite interesting.

In this case while looking at, the first typology there are various forms of typologies for certain officers within this case we view the officers as “meat eaters” these are people who abuse the authority and always bend a little rules to have a self-cut to them self’s. In the case it explains in one of the articles that one certain officer gained a large amount of profit, when other officers got a small proportion. Also the second form of typology would be between “noble causers” as in bending the rules but yet doing their job, ”Internal pay offs” this form of typology applies because it’s an profit plus bonus depending on the situation that the officers gain that can lead to many personal desires with an certain income.

To put an end to this case, I realized that how far police corruption can go to, officers need to draw the line somewhere at some point within the organization. Within this case it shows from a little plan how much profit one officer or several officers that are recruited can make a good amount of profit. Due to that fact it leads to corruption and charges that are getting held against officers having them suspended because of abusing the authority and even bending the rules can lead to imprisonment if convicted at trial. Such as the 17 officers that were suspended due to extortion.




  1. Mike Larsen says:

    Generally, a good analysis. The case does not reflect noble cause corruption, though.

    Noble cause corruption involves the deliberate use of ‘dirty’ means in order to achieve ends that are determined to reflect the proper objectives of policing. It is about officers deciding that ‘the ends justify the means’. It does not apply to actions that involve personal benefit or ‘corruption for gain’.

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