“You should have Stayed Home”

Posted: April 6, 2013 by kiratmatharu92 in Cases - Public Order, Toronto G20 2010

“You should have stayed home as controversy continues to swirl around police treatment of G20 protesters astonishing stories are now emergering about ordinary citizens caught in a huge police dragnet during those three highly charged days in June” (CBC NEWS). The Toronto G20 summit had an huge impact upon the people and society by the aggression laid by the police and the certain kinds of actions that the police had done upon the people that were protesting within the video. It shows that the peaceful protesters were taken out of the city’s “Free speech zone”. The orders that were given to the protesters by the higher authority was that not to be scared , there is a lot of security that will not let anything happen to them.

The You Should have stayed home Documentary resembles back to the citizens that were severely injured and were a part of the G20 act in Toronto that scar them for there whole life. The protestors began before the summit within the two days there was a small amount of protesters at first, than it grew as a mob during the protest which was occurring. Within the G20 act at first it was an civil protest were the police officers had no aggression towards the protesters but after sometime within the afternoon the protestors started to act, wreck less and started to yell out things within the community.

Within the video it shows that the civilians that were attacked upon in this event has affected them so much because of the aggression or police brutality of the police officers that had laid upon them when they were just peaceful protestors . The main goal of this protest for the officers in the G20 act was to protect the summit fence. Within the documentary it is shown that the rioters smashed the windows and they broke police officers cars, also lit them on fire and break glass windows and damage property in a sever manner. During the time of the G20 act the police officers mood switched from being civil to being at a point where they had enough of this protest.  More over within the time the police officers mood became very aggressive and they started to attack upon the individuals. The video shows that the civilians that were brutally attacked by many of the police officers. Such as they attacked an Quebec women who was arrested without an warrant, an handicap man that had only one leg who was arrested after his prose tic leg was pulled out, an carpenter that was attacked upon while recording the event. All of these individuals that were shown in the video, were to be seen innocent, and did not harm anyone but yet they were a part of the protest that’s all.

Among the protesters there were 10,000 officers that were involved that could believe that everyone could be innocent or not they could not tell during the event. The tactic officers went overboard with their aggression with the protestors. Such the police officers used pepper spray and were shooting rubber bullets at them for no reason. Within the Video one of the civilians mentions that one of police officers had no name tag and then mentioned that “there could be only one reason” that the officer could have his name tag off. By taking his name tag off it is an illegal act or a deviant act that the officer has committed. Later on within the video it is shown that in the detention room where there were 1100 people arrested  in the cell cages with just only portable washrooms , and these civilians would not get there food after 12 hours within the day which would be in the afternoon. Also within the day as spoken within the video the civilians would get searched such as getting strip searched for dangerous aspects or items that they can harm themselves or others with, personally it made the civilians uncomfortable and humiliated and embarrassed upon the fact that they have gone this far by searching them now?.

While the G20 act was occurring some of the officers took it to far by putting force upon the people in the video the protestors would shout and scream “ Let us Go” because the police officers were brutal against the innocent people.  In my opinion the video has opened my eyes upon the fact that officers use such brutality towards people and it shows certain aggression in the video. It shows that they can go to any extent to fight or recklessly harm an innocent civilian. They were being unreasonable by arresting people without a warrant by attacking them and injuring them without any consent.

Within the G20 act if the protesters were within a limit and not grew during the time frame it would have been controllable and not many people would have been injured but as the protestors increased the police officers increased. My opinion would be focusing upon the fact that the police officers treated the protestors wrong. If this was to happen in Vancouver as bad as the G20 act was there would be organizations to deal with the police complaints and there would be more ways to handle the situation.



  1. Mike Larsen says:

    This is an interesting commentary on the documentary.

    You conclude by noting that, had the G20 taken place in Vancouver, there would have been additional accountability resources in place. I am not sure about this. The various police organizations in Ontario have accountability structures analogous to those of BC organizations, and the province has an Office of the Independent Police Review Director and a Special Investigations Unit.

  2. when concluding my paragraph by saying that i meant to say that if something like the G20 act would of happened in vancouver there would be more security presence before hand unlike the vancouver canucks riot there was very minimal security presence.

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