PROFUNC: Secret Judgment

Posted: April 9, 2013 by glaw74 in Uncategorized

After watching the fifth estate documentary, named ‘enemies of the state’. It seemed quite shocking that a program such as PROFUNC was even allowed. However, I did not consider it an impossibility. Rather than being shocked due to the programs existence, I was more shocked that it was approved. Although the program was suggested and approved with good will. It did in fact, violate and infringe upon the rights of the Canadian citizens.

Although it wasn’t mentioned much in the documentary, the PROFUNC program essentially had plans that would allow the police to detain and observe the suspected individual based on one parties point of view. Similar to the incident at the G20, Policing bodies Exercised their powers based off of ‘intelligence’ regardless of how accurate it may be. Even though it wasn’t illegal to voice out ones political beliefs and demonstrate them, the police had secret judged that any behaviour that had the potential to be unfavourable to state, was subject to surveillance. I believe that the PROFUNC program to be the outcome of a form of combative(strategic) corruption. Combative corruption is the assertive efforts to gain convictions and achieve results against terrorist suspects (organised gangs, major criminals etc.) by illicit means (Punch, 2009).

Without realizing it, the police had become so focused on the goal that they had forgotten the means. The purpose of policing is to maintain public order so that the public can feel safe and secure. If the police were to maintain order, but in order to do so make the public feel insecure and scared, would defeat the entire purpose of the police. Near the end of the documentary, it shows the audience that the police are still keeping surveillance on individuals that they deem suspicious, despite the order to terminate the PROFUNC program. This gives us the impression that the police still has not noticed their flaw. It’s as if the police are so fixated on security of the country, that they had disregarded the importance of the people they are trying to protect


Punch, M. (2009). Police Corruption. New York: Routledge 2011.

The Fifth Estate. (2010, October 15). Enemies of the State. CBCnews. Retrieved from

  1. Mike Larsen says:

    Could you explain what you mean by “Rather than being shocked due to the programs existence, I was more shocked that it was approved”?

    You offer some interesting observations regarding the nature and objectives of PROFUNC. I note that you mention convictions. It is important to note that, in the context of national security activities and high policing, police actions often involve sanctions without convictions (the judicial process being regarded as an impediment to decisive action).

  2. glaw74 says:

    I guess I’m quite influenced by the media when it come to conspiracies and the likes. so in my mind i had always thought that the police would be able to keep an eye out on people they thought was a threat. but obviously i knew the major issues that would rise if it was actually true.

    All in all I’m just trying to say that I was shocked that the PROFUNC program was approved despite all the rights that would be violated.

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