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What is PROFUNC? I agree with the CBC interpretation of PROFUNC as a ‘stripping of rights in the name of public order’. PROFUNC was a plan to ‘intern’ prominent functionaries of the Communist party members at a moments notice in the name of national security. Along with possible internment, suspected Communist sympathizers were spied upon and put into a file that labeled them subversive and a danger to national security.

 To what extent the PROFUNC program represents an example of police deviance? The RCMP and Canadian government comprised thousands of documents in the name of national security. In these documents held information on private relationships, daily behaviors, personal information of Canadian citizens and orders to arrest if the cold war turned into a warm one. Profiling according to personal and political activities and not illegal activity. PROFUNC was a deliberate and comprehensive plan to remove the rights of Canadian citizens, according to a predetermined set of criteria dictated by personal and political affiliation, a list formed by administrative RCMP.

 How we can understand this form of deviance? In my opinion, Since it is a product of governmental policy and high level RCMP decisions, the actions of PROFUNC can be deem as a form systemic deviance. What can we do to remedy future initiatives such as these? It seems as though the problem of PROFUNC was remedied when it was made inactive in the 80’s, but has that permanently fixed the problems presented by such systemic deviant behavior? My answer is no it has not.Post 9/11 racial, religious and affiliation profiling has been a regular part of both high and lower policing.  An example of the possible outcomes of PROFUNC seem to present very similar situation to that of Maher Arar; Arrested primarily because of his religious and personal affiliations, an arrest and detainment without warrant or legal justification

How much of a Communist do you have to be!? The case of politician Tommy Douglas, an advocate and innovator of socialized medicine in Canada, tells us that even a mention of behavior considered deviant behavior, especially in the context of national security, could have ANYONE put onto a list and be investigated. The case of Maher Arar speaks on much more recent actions taken by the RCMP and North American policing agencies, that reflect McCarthy Era movements of police and spies. I think these create justification of deeper inquiry into the reach of police powers and how far are governmental agencies willing to go to create and protect what they deem to be ‘national security’. The presence of a program in Canada like PROFUNC brings awareness to processes that would usually be ignored and in me creates feelings anxiety about the process of policing agencies in Canada and my own personal security.

  1. Mike Larsen says:

    Interesting response and commentary. If you are inclined to do some further reading about past Canadian national security campaigns, I recommend Kinsman et al’s “Whose National Security?” . Let me know if you want to see some of the RCMP files on Tommy Douglas.

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