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PROFUNC, which stands for “Prominent Functionaries of the communist party” was a top secret plan created by the government of Canada to identify and contain Canadian communists. PROFUNC was established in 1950 to detain individuals seen as a threat to Canada’s national security. The arrests made under PROFUNC were given a code name, C-215. Arrests made under C-215 not only included the suspect in question but his/her family, children, grandparents, and all other individuals that were close to the suspect.

It is apparent that the creators of PROFUNC were using their administrative powers to their advantage. In doing so, they felt they were able to abuse their powers as authoritative figures. This brings us back to the G20 Summit in Toronto. The police officers that day also abused their powers. Like PROFUNC, the officers at the Summit had no regard for the constitutional rights of the people they injured. The list that was used in PROFUNC consisted of over 60,000 names of individuals who were suspected of being communists without having much of a history of them, once again much like the G20 Summit. The individuals that were harmed or contained in temporary cells did little to nothing wrong. They were suspected of being criminals and were suspected of having committed a crime because of the very few that came to the Summit to break laws. With PROFUNC, because of the rise in spies and communism post-war, anyone who voiced the slightest opinion against the Canadian government was put on the list.

Post 9/11 Muslims and people of other nationalities around the world were accused of being terrorists despite having no interaction at all with any terrorist organization. Like many of the individuals on the PROFUNC list who came into contact with various Canadian communists, Maher Arar once spoke to an individual suspected of being a part of the terror attacks. Because of a simple interaction he had, he was denied admission into Canada, his home country, and deported to Syria where he was tortured for over a year. Once again it is evident that minor assumptions made by those with authority can have drastic consequences on innocent individuals.

PROFUNC simply represents police deviance in that it violated the constitutional rights of many Canadians just as deviant police due. Deviant police abuse the power given to them for personal gain. PROFUNC took advantage of innocent Canadians and invaded the privacy that is promised to every Canadian. PROFUNC was abolished a year prior to the created of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, something that was so terribly wrong was destroyed after thirty years, how long will it take for our government to realize that deviant police acts need to be abolished as well? What will it take for our government to finally put an end to the abusing of ill-advised citizens who do not know better?


  1. Mike Larsen says:

    Interesting post. Question: If political policing that violates democratic principles is authorized by the federal government and backed by law and policy, can it still be conceptualized as *police deviance*, or is the concept too narrow to encapsulate the practice?

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