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After watching the CBC video Estate ‘Enemies of the State’ it is very clear that police deviance and accountability had occurred with PROFUNC. The video talks about the communist party and how many of the people hated the communist party. Also the video brings up a point that the government was allowed to incarcerate people due to the fact that they were communist. The operation created by the government was called PROFUNC. There targets were anyone associated with communism. The video talks about how this was the time when Canada allowed the public rights of the victims being stripped and taken away. The plan of PROFUN was to take active communist and lock them up also this was kept alive for more than 30 years. As I was reviewing the first couple of minutes of the film I can already see signs of police deviance such as disregarding the rights of individuals for their own self-gain. The police were willing to put themselves before the people so they would benefit from what was taking place.

The plan of PROFUNC was to take all the women and men that were associated with communism and lock them up. The children would be sent to farm lands with relatives or be sent with their parents. The lists that were created was something that shocked me a total of 2194 people both men and women were signed to be sent to these places. The police were preparing for M-Day a day where they would have descriptions of individuals that they deemed to be a threat and have them detained. Inside those envelopes contains c2 15 slips that gave details about the suspect. The PROFUNC operation had little concern with the public. It was considered as high policing since in a way PROFUNC thought they were protection a nation. The thing that surprised me was when the video talks about how the people detained would be treated. They were acting as if they were a huge threat to the nation when in reality the operation is the thing that caused the most damage. Many of the people locked up didn’t even know why they were locked up till the video was released. This is a major example of police deviance, as the police did not inform the individuals why they were being detained. It is shocking that the commissioner didn’t even know about the 33-year program until he was told about it. PROFUNC was on a mission to protect the state. They did not care about the acts of deviance they would commit along the way. All they cared about was to protect the state from the enemies.


The Fifth Estate. (2010, October 15). Enemies of the State. CBCnews. Retrieved from

  1. Mike Larsen says:

    Question: If political policing that violates democratic principles is authorized by the federal government and backed by law and policy, can it still be conceptualized as *police deviance*, or is the concept too narrow to encapsulate the practice?

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