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For over 30 years the human rights watch group have been working  hard to protect human rights globally.  The Human Rights Watch according to the their website describe themselves as: “Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. By focusing international attention where human rights are violated, we give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes. Our rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, targeted advocacy build intense pressure for action and raise the cost of human rights abuse.”  with focus on international cases, the humans right watch looks at individual countries and investigates any type of forms of abuse.  They are dedicated to helping the victims and they work to prevent  discrimination and bring offenders to justice.

The human rights watch looked into a case in British Columbia where a number of disappearances resulted in murders. The lack of due diligence from the police department is seen as a causal factor of not stopping the serial killer on time. Furthermore, the disappearances were of many indigenous individuals. the Aboriginal communities and the RCMP have had a rocky relationship since. There seems to be no trust and co-operation from either parties. WIth the aboriginal community feeling neglectaed, further proof is brought forth by women who were interviewed, stated that they were mistreated when under custody. “A number of women interviewed by Human Rights Watch researchers alleged that RCMP officers used excessive force in arresting them, mistreated them while they were in custody and, in some cases, physically or sexually assaulted them.” (Globe and Mail. 2013) Many of these women feared for there safety so there were no formal complaints made and no investigations were conducted. The RCMP have taken much scrutiny in this matter and continues to do so as this topic is a hot debate topic for human rights groups.


Many of the comments made can be seen as ignorant and insensitive. People repeatedly speak of the aboriginal people as “Indians.” One person comments saying: “Heres a better question, tell us who doesnt have a dysfunctional relationship with the indians?”  Many don’t see these comments as abuse. If a aboriginal individual is reading these comments, they would be and i would expect them to be offended by the ignorance and the arrogance. Many of of the comments made suggest that the people reading the articles already have an idea of what the issue is. Understanding there is tension between the aboriginal community and the RCMP. Also in the comments, a number of sarcastic comments appear about how there have been a lot of investigations about the RCMP now, when it should have been done a long time ago.  This in turn shows the lack of compassion the community cares for the aboriginal people. Many of the comments actually suggest that the aboriginal community is to blame for the miss treatment. “Natives want to be perpetual victims. Period. They have no desire to do anything else other that whine and complain about how everyone doesn’t kiss their a$$es.” (The Globe and Mail, 2013). though others actually offer some solutions: “Maybe a simple solution is to hire more First Nations people as RCMP members.”  This is pure and utter ignorance and disregard for the community we all collectively live in.

My own comments would include a short small stab at all the ignorant people. i would acknowledge the fact that the RCMP is being investigated and that there will be answer as to what actually happened.There has been many investigations on the RCMP for abuse and mistreatment. The Human Rights Watch report shows that this relationship is and can be duplicated with any community. Though it is a different question whether there was a lack of due diligence because it coincides with the aboriginal community. I would suggest that the RCMP become better organized and they try to fix the dysfunctional relationships that are already in harms way. the only way we can have functioning collaborative community is, if we all create a sense of responsibility for each individual that belongs to any organizations. a community together is a strong community.



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