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I am writing to solicit public input on research questions for my Spring 2013 Police Deviance and Accountability class at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (CRIM 2355). Students will be conducting independent and group research projects on topics related to police deviance (broadly conceived) and accountability. They will be posting the results of their research on this blog.

Last time I taught the course, the students prepared blogs (with analysis and commentary) on particular themes or case studies.

This time, I would like to switch gears and provide my students with specific research questions that:

  • will require them to conduct research and familiarize themselves with a topic area, policy, case, or institution; and
  • will allow them to prepare answers that will be of interest to a public audience
  • are manageable, given that the students will have 2.5 months to work on their responses, and ¬†they are just beginning their careers as researchers (though I can assign a group of students to tackle a large question).

I am open to a wide range of questions. I am particularly interested in questions that are of interest to community organizations and advocacy groups.

Responses will be published here in December 2012.

If you would like to recommend a research question / topic, you can post a reply to this message or contact me by email at .

Please circulate this message to other interested parties.


Mike Larsen
Instructor, Criminology
Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Co-managing Editor
Journal of Prisoners on Prisons